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SoCal Plant Life

It’s incredible to see how much vegetation transforms and frames our understanding of a space. Los Angeles, and much of Southern California is rugged, arid and painfully in the midst of a devastating drought.

SoCal Escape

There’s a moment in air travel (specifically) when all the planning, packing, researching and organizing becomes real. I wish there was a word to describe that little moment where you go from picking up your bags to strolling on Venice Beach.

Island Living: Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is one of the most remote islands in the world, the nearest continental point is Chile, 3,512 kilometres away. I love that Rapa Nui is so far from everywhere and I feel safe here, away from the city life. Everyday life is simple and happy, surrounded by the ocean, the sky and our families.

Island Living

I have always been incredibly fascinated by island living. If you know someone who lives on a remote island and might want to share a bit about their life, leave a comment. This series is hard to research, as you might imagine, so I appreciate any leads.

Anabelle's Israel

If you find yourself in any Israeli city, you’re likely to be met by a gang of cats. The legend goes that when the British occupied Palestine, they brought along cats with them. Generations of un-neutered cats has left Israel as the land of stray cats.

Cuban Poetry

In San Isidoro de Holguín, on the north shore of Cuba, better known as "The City of Squares", on the beloved and worshiped "La Periquera" square and inside the Cathedral of San Isidoro, we meet a very special person.